Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Mooski bar?

Click the "FIND US" button in order to access our store locator.  

Is your product vegan?


Is your product gluten free?


Is your product Non-GMO?


How long are Mooski bars good for out of the fridge?

Mooski bars are good outside of the fridge for up to a day, but we always recommend eating the bar chilled as that is when the texture and eating experience is best! A good hack if you plan on taking a bar on-the-go is freezing them ahead of time as they'll hold up for longer outside the fridge that way. 

How long are Mooski bars good for?

Mooski bars will last 3 months in the fridge and up to a year frozen!  

What type of chocolate do you use?

We use a dairy-free dark chocolate.

What are Mooski bars sweetened with?

Just a touch of agave in the oats and a bit of cane sugar in the chocolate. Overall though, the bars only have 6g of sugar which is a lot less than most "granola bars".